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My Podcasts

All of my podcasts are available to download below. The podcasts are priced at £2 or £3 each and can be paid via paypal. Please note once you have paid you will be sent an email with a link to download the podcast. Make sure you do this on the same day as you purchase the podcast as thias link is only live for 24 hours! Enjoy! I would like to thank Gary Wright and Dave Alty for allowing me to use their music for my podcasts.  Their CD is available by emailing them on dave-alty@hotmail.com.

Click here to download our totally free Christmas Podcast

Click here to download our totally free March 2015 Podcast CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Podcast 1Matwork Podcast

Podcast 2 - Mini Ball Podcast

Podcast 3 – Stretch Podcast

Podcast 4 – Big Ball Podcast

Podcast 5 – Band Podcast

Podcast 6 – Foam Podcast

Podcast 7 -Interval Podcast

Podcast 8 – Mat Work December 2012