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“I have played golf for 4 years and have been frustrated by my slow improvement. I have done Pilates for 2½ years, with the past year being with Aberdeen Pilates Studio, we have recently been doing much more shoulder stability work and as a result my golf scores have improved by 30%. Thanks!!”

“Beneficial gentle exercise starting to make a difference after only 1 course!”

“Excellent teaching and good fun class”

“Really enjoyed it – looking forward to the next session!”

“I have had lower back problems for 18 years and I want to minimise further problems. Attending these classes has helped my back and abdomen muscles get stronger. Back ache has become much less since starting the course”

“Kira, you explained and expanded on every query very well showing genuine concern for each participant. Enjoyable and interesting course which I would recommend to anyone”

“Found links to yoga and classical riding/Alexander techniques interesting and reassuring. Whilst initially not as active as yoga, realise it is as challenging in a different way”

“When is the next block of classes starting? I miss your calming voice!”

“Fastest and most relaxing hour of the week”

“Great way to end a stressful week, thanks for helping me sleep better!”

“Pilates had made such a difference to me as it is the first exercise I feel I can do and even perhaps become competent. I feel valued, welcomed, safe and professionally taught”

“From the outset in April 2001 Kira has paid meticulous personal attention to all students. In addition her emphasis on safety is most impressive”